We are our choices.

Whenever we buy something we are deciding in what World we want to live in.

Types of Impact


Products which care about the impact on nature. We defend the preservation of the planet and future generations: this is achieved through recycling, upcycling, giving priority to eco-friendly materials, sourcing local or betting in sustainable innovations which allow us to reduce waste, energy consumption or use new raw materials wisely.


Products which promote the maintenance of local crafts. We support projects that preserve, maintain and protect the culture and through time and space keep these values alive. Culture connects the past, present, and future generations. Somehow some of the traditions, knowledge and techniques tend to be forgotten - it's time to change that.



Meet the Maker #1 – Hadija Jibulilo

Today we launch this little corner in our blog – at ‘Meet the Maker’ we will share the stories of those who are the hands behind our products and a little bit of their lives! We’re starting with […]

DOME out there – a summary

This is our 0 year: where we begin, learn and reorganize. After some intense months to launch and work for Christmas, 2018 arrived with one sure thing: we want to get closer to people. This was the happy […]

DOME & Velo Culture: “Uma Loja na Oficina”

The first ‘Uma Loja na Oficina’, the popup store powered by Velo Culture, in which DOME participated, finished last Saturday, April 7th. The two brands have joined together in a partnership, unlikely for some, very natural for us. […]

Women that inspire us: Ana Teresa Neves

Ana Teresa Neves is the person in charge of the Teresa Gameiro brand. The dream of pursuing the cultural heritage traditional from her region allowed Teresa to start the brand with her name. Let’s get to know a […]

Women that inspire us: the 3 Soko founders

Soko is an ethical African fashion brand that works with artisans in Kenya. To create beautiful pieces Soko artisans use local eco-friendly raw materials such as recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn. Even so the brand leverages technology […]

Exclusive New Brands – PopUp Store Velo Culture

  DOME Ethical Store will be the first to open the project “Uma Loja na Oficina”, a pop culture store located in Porto, powered by Velo Culture.   Both brands stand out for the careful and detailed selection […]

Women that inspire us: Mifuko artisans

Kiondos are part of the traditions in Kenya since they are an indigenous tradition to the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes. Handwoven with sisal and food grade plastics, 80% recycled, Mifuko’s products are created as a sophisticated blend of […]

Women that inspire us: Mari & Minna, Mikufo’s co-founders

Mifuko story starts with two Finnish designers determined to make high fashion in a way that is sustainable and contributes positively to the world. Let’s meet Mari Martikainen & Minna Impio. They met queuing for lunch in the […]

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