We curate the best sustainable brands and products
for consumers concerned about the impact of their choices.



Types of Impact


Products which care about the impact on nature. We defend the preservation of the planet and future generations: this is achieved through recycling, upcycling, giving priority to eco-friendly materials, sourcing local or betting in sustainable innovations which allow us to reduce waste, energy consumption or use new raw materials wisely.


Products which promote the maintenance of local crafts. We support projects that preserve, maintain and protect the culture and through time and space keep these values alive. Culture connects the past, present, and future generations. Somehow some of the traditions, knowledge and techniques tend to be forgotten - it's time to change that.


Orikomi – Lighting with origami techniques

Orikomi brand was created in 2013 and is based on developing products that blend origami techniques with lighting. The brand follows the principle that design should be economic and affordable, but equally perfectionist and ambitious, especially considering the […]

WomenCraft: culture, traditions and history of a tri-border region

WomenCraft works with rural Tanzanian and Burundian women to become contributing members of a successful fair-trade enterprise, therefore the products handcrafted by these artisans are bought and sold according to these international practices. When in 2007 the social […]

3 days of fashion and sustainability

Regarding the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, DOME team traveled to the low temperatures of central Europe to meet new brands, attend the conferences of experts from the various areas and exchange impressions with those who, like us, struggle […]

Ethnology and Technology = Ethnotek

Ethnotek’s mission is to keep culture alive by creating high quality laptop and travel bags that feature ethically sourced handmade textiles. They partner with artisans in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam for hand printing, weaving and embroidery […]


Baba Tree is a worldwide supplier of handwoven African Baskets, ethically sourced in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Considered the only transparent company in the region, Baba Tree aspires a new model of ethical business that sees us all as active […]

SOKO – innovation and tradition

Soko is an eco-friendly jewellery project that is trying to redefine the principles of ethical fashion by not only creating beautiful products but also by supporting the artisans through a simple and innovative yet powerful technology platform. This […]

What makes Trade Fair? Part 3

Dear game changer, If you got here, we assume you have checked our previous posts regarding this topic! If not, you can check here Part 1 and Part 2 explaining what we are talking about when we defend […]

What makes Trade Fair? Part 2

Hello again! We hope you enjoyed the read of our article introducing the Principles of Fair Trade. If you missed that post, you can always read it here. As promised, here are other principles this organization defends should […]

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