Regarding the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, DOME team traveled to the low temperatures of central Europe to meet new brands, attend the conferences of experts from the various areas and exchange impressions with those who, like us, struggle daily with the challenges of sustainability.

Issues such as reducing the carbon footprint, water consumption, discovering innovative raw materials (such as fabrics made from natural resources like banana peel, lotus flower, corn, soybeans and even milk protein!) are answers that make us believe that the future is there! There are many possibilities and creativity is the limit.

Challenges such as the reduction of waste, the primacy of natural fibers, the promotion of collaboration for circularity (production model where materials are returned to the productive cycle through reuse, upcycling and recycling), social protection of all involved in the value chain, these are all topics on the agenda!

The challenges are big but the alternatives are around the corner, there is a need to change the attitude of brands and consumers: it is up to each one of us to demand more and better information about the impact of our choices.

The change is visible by the dimension of the fair itself: on each edition the number of exhibitors increases and the organisation is forced to look for a space that houses a trade show with increasing expression, affirming itself as one of the main of the sector.

Before we left, we also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with EFS technical director Max Gilgenmann on how we can reach more brands with these standards so that it is easier for the consumers to find the products that look good and do good: which are fair for all and that do not jeopardise the future of the planet.

Because sustainability is a path each day we consolidate our steps for the change to be real.

Rita Cortes in Berlim

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