Baba Tree is a worldwide supplier of handwoven African Baskets, ethically sourced in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Considered the only transparent company in the region, Baba Tree aspires a new model of ethical business that sees us all as active players in an inevitable global transformation.

Company founder Gregory MacCarthy, started in 2008 the company and now lives and works in the Baba Tree compound and holds regular workshops to help the weavers choose the best colours and weaving practices. Every day arrive dozens, sometimes hundreds, of weavers – men, women, children and students – many of whom The Baba Tree has been working with for years. Gregory buys directly from the weavers, and pays the highest price of any organization in the Bolga region.



Looking for a shopping, laundry or storage basket? A baby moses to the newest element of the family? Or a bike basket to a ride into Nature? These products are not only a trendy addition to your day-to-day lifestyle, as a practical item, they also add traditional yet modern decoration to your home.
The Baba Tree baskets are beautiful, functional and are available in various styles, colours and sizes.

Take a look at these beauties.

These products are made from natural materials and each basket is a unique piece! Baba Tree is surely a company tracing new futures for the region of Bolgatanga allowing everyone to have access to this art. Buy buying these baskets you are supporting it too.

Baba Tree products are available here.

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