DOME Ethical Store will be the first to open the project “Uma Loja na Oficina”, a pop culture store located in Porto, powered by Velo Culture.


Both brands stand out for the careful and detailed selection of products offered, but also because of fundamental concerns such as responsible consumption, design for durability and social and environmental impact. The first “Uma Loja na Oficina” opens on March 16 at 6pm, with an informal conversation around the theme:
‘Conscious Design, Sustainable Consumption’.

And the opening of temporary store at Velo Culture arrives also a set of new brands joining the DOME family. Carefully chosen, through our selection criteria, it will be exclusively available the following brands:



Coming from the talented hands of Margarida and Rui, Musgo lamps have a strong ecological component: they are made from reused wood of old structures, doors, floors and beams of old Portuguese houses.

We can not resist the beauty of simplicity.



Another new brand joining us is Bicla.

The brand was inspired by the adventures on two wheels, throughout the green and the Azores’ sea and by Japan. They are simple pieces with subtle details, memories of the past and an effort to maintain some old traditions. In addition, all products are made by hand with natural and 100% Portuguese fabrics: cotton, linen and wool.

Bicla is a brand that invites us to breathe and relax.

Rita Filipe

The products are the result from the creativity of Portugal and the senegalese tradition of basket-making.
The tables Leyu* by Rita Filipe are the result of an artistic residence that made possible the collaborative work with local artisans in Senegal. Therefore this beautiful and unique products are the result of Portuguese creativity and Senegalese tradition of basket-making.

*Leyu tables are also currently on display at MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda until July 15th (exhibition ‘Tanto Mar’, at Calheta Palace).



Bisarro is another Portuguese brand join DOME’s family. It’s core mission is the maintenance of a unique ceramic technique in the world – the Bisalhães’ black pottery.

They aim to enhance and boost this art through the creation, modernization and commercialization of new forms and concepts.


Sara, biologist as a profession, decided to change her life when in 2014 she let the laboratory and the microscope aside and chose the fabric and inks. And so the Mazurca adventure begins.

All pieces are designed, produced and stamped manually and on a small scale, always giving priority to materials of Portuguese origin such as handmade linen and burel (Traditional Portuguese fabric made from 100% pure sheep wool, always connected to Region of Serra da Estrela (highest mountain in Portugal), mountains and shepherds with their handmade covers.). Inspiration sources could not be otherwise – Nature.

Mazurca first appearance in Porto is in our PopUp Uma Loja na Oficina: DOME Store.


The international brand that ee add now comes from South Africa, and it’s Ignite Design. The fair trade initiative associates local techniques and knowledge with the reuse of used corn bags, considered waste.

Working especially with women and young people, the AfricaIgnite rural development support agency for the KwaZulu-Natal region has as main objective to leverage the participation of these communities in the economy and in society.

You can find this and other models, exclusively at Pop Up at Velo Culture in Porto, until the end of March.

Aren’t you in Porto, but have you already fallen in love with these products and can’t wait any longer? Send us an email or call and we will help you out!

More information:

Pop Up DOME Ethical Store: from March 16th until March 29th.
Address: Rua D. Manuel II nº 346, Porto – in front of the Crystal Palace (right next to the Almeida Garrett Library)
Opening hours: Mon.- Fri. from 10AM to 7:30pm & Sat. 10AM. to 1PM


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