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How to purchase your DOME product

  • Choose the item(s) you want to purchase.
  • After choosing the size or color, if necessary, add the item(s) to the cart.
  • You can see the status of your cart in the upper right corner of the screen. To proceed to the checkout click “Finish Purchases”.
  • If you have a discount code you can enter it in the field of “discount coupon”
  • To complete the purchase you must fill in the personal data requested, namely the billing address, address and mode of delivery and choose the method of payment.
  • Once everything is completed, simply finish the “Confirm Order” button. Once the order is complete, a page with Successful Order will appear and receive an email with all the order data and payment instructions.

Tip: Shipping and Billing address may be different. We also offer Chronopost’s PickUp network option as a delivery option.

Important: If you choose to pay by credit card/PayPal, do not close the page during the verification process, to avoid a duplication or a automatic cancelation of the order.

Your Account

To purchase items at DOME you do not need to create an account, you can simply browse the site, read the articles and stories inspiring our brands, add products to the cart and finish the order as a guest. However, if you register, you can:

  • save your billing and delivery address, to be simpler and faster the next time you choose to buy with us
  • manage your account details, order history, and view the status of your order
  • receive notifications when new products arrive


Payment Methods

DOME allows different payment methods to purchase your order. Payments can be made by Paypal, Credit Card Visa and Mastercard or by Multibanco reference. All payments are 100% secure and with no hidden extra costs.

Multibanco (ATM Reference Code): When you complete your order, an ATM reference code is generated. Payment instructions are sent by email after the order is created. Payment can be made through the ATM Network or through homebanking. In Multibanco, you must choose the option “Payment of Services” and insert the references provided. Your order is only processed and shipped when the payment is confirmed. The processing of your order starts after payment and no proof of payment is required. You have a period of 24 hours from the creation of the order to pay. Once this deadline is reached, your order will be canceled.

Credit Card (available soon): DOME accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card payments. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be redirected to another page to avoid duplicating your order, do not leave that page during the verification process. Neither DOME nor any partner has access or visibility to their customers’ payment data. As an e-commerce platform we always aim to ensure confidentiality and security. For more details see our privacy policy here.

PayPal: You can pay quickly and securely with your PayPal account or your debit/credit card associated with the account. PayPal uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology and anti-fraud technology to ensure it keeps your information secure while reducing the risk of any fraud. If you choose this form of payment you will be redirected to another PayPal page, wait for the verification process to avoid possible duplication of the order.

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DOME products are delivered by Chronopost in national territory and islands. Delivery in Europe will be done by Chronopost partners based on the shipping country.

“Home Delivery” SERVICE

As stated, when selecting this type of service your order will be delivered to the address you provide at the moment of purchase.


This service is the easiest and most convenient way to receive your order. With an extended schedule, 7 days a week (being many of the points in shopping malls) there are more than 400 stores available to raise their products. See all here.

From the moment of delivery at PickUp point, you have 10 days, maximum, to collect your order. Please make sure you bring an identification document. For now, unfortunately, the “PickUp Point” service is only available for Portugal inland.


Delivery Time

The shipping time varies according to the delivery address. See below approximate shipping times:

Portugal INland
  • Home Delivery > 1 day
  • Pickup > 1 day
  • Chrono Ilhas > 2 days (+1 day for zip codes 9225/9270/9360/9370)
  • S. Miguel (ZONE 2) >2 days (+1 day for zip codes 9630/9675)
  • Terceira e Faial (ZONE 3) > between 2-3 days
  • Santa Maria, Corvo, Pico, S.Jorge, Graciosa, Flores e Porto Santo (ZONE 4) > between 4-5 days
  • Chrono Ibérico > between 2-3 days
  • Germany (ZONE 1) > 3 days
  • Poland, Czech Republic (ZONE 2) > 4 days
  • France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria (ZONE 3) > between 2-4 days
  • Switzerland, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary (ZONE 4) > between 3-5 days
  • Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Corsica (FR), Croatia, Iceland (ZONE 5) > between 3-6 days
  • Finland, Romania, Norway, Bulgaria (ZONE 6) > between 4-5 days
  • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece (includes only the island of Crete and excludes other islands) (ZONE 7) > between 8-10 days



Timelines are based on working days. There are several factors that can influence the delivery time of the products namely confirmed payment. There are products (such as Studio Vayehi) that because of its nature have a superior delivery time.

Shipping Costs

Portugal INLAND
  • Home Delivery > 4,99 €
  • Pickup > 3,95 €
  • Chrono Ilhas > 11,00 €
  • S. Miguel (ZONE 2) > 11,00 €
  • Terceira e Faial (ZONE 3) > 23,00 €
  • Santa Maria, Corvo, Pico, S.Jorge, Graciosa, Flores e Porto Santo (ZONE 4) > 29,00 €
  • Chrono Ibérico > 12,50 €
  • Germany (ZONE 1) > 12,50 €
  • Poland, Czech Republic (ZONE 2) > 12,50 €
  • France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria (ZONE 3) > 12,50 €
  • Switzerland, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary (ZONE 4) > 15,00 €
  • Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Corsica (FR), Croatia, Iceland (ZONE 5) > 20,00 €
  • Finland, Romania, Norway, Bulgaria (ZONE 6) > 25,00 €
  • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece (includes only the island of Crete and excludes other islands) (ZONE 7) > 30,00 €

Yes, we have free shipping! If your order exceeds the value of € 100.00 the shipping costs are on us.

This is only valid only for Portugal Inland, regardless of the delivery service.

Last minute changes

Cancel my order

You can only cancel your order before it is dispatched. If you wish to cancel your order please send us an email or contact us through Chat. If the order is already on the way to be delivered, we advise you to wait for delivery and afterwords start the return process, at no additional cost.

Changing Address

Ifby mistake you added a wrong delivery address at checkout get in touch with us as soon as possible! We can’t promise the changes will be possible but we promise we will try!

First delivery attempt, failed

If for some reason we do not find you at the address you added during checkout, on the first delivery attempt, no problem, because your order is in good hands!

For Portugal Inland there will be a second attempt at the same address. If Chronopost has already tried a second time, then contact us to locate your order and redirect it to you!

For the Chrono Ibérico (Spain Inland) & Chrono Classic (Europe) services if Chronopost couldn’t find you after the first attempt your product will be in the nearest Pickup Point or in transit for the second delivery attempt. The PickUp Point will never be more than 30min drive away from the address originally provided.

Make sure you check your mail box as Chronopost always notifies that it has attempted delivery. If you still have questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help!

Changing payment method

Once the order is “finished” the payment method can’t be changed. If you would like to pay with a different payment method you will need to request us an order cancellation. We can help you out with creating a new order!

Contact Us

How to you contact us?

By e-mail: hello@domestore.pt

  • for orders or delivery questions: + 351 308 808 603
  • for suppliers: +351 967 941 072

Chat: available in the bottom right corner of our website dome-store.pt
We are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm (GMT).

We are always interested in hearing from you with suggestions or questions. Get in touch!

With who we work with

The projects we support (see all here) are key to the success of our store and have been chosen based on our meticulous curation. All information on the brands and projects we provide on our site is responsibility of our suppliers, which we trust, support and believe.

Who are we

DOME is an online store selling products of responsible origin in three main pillars: social impact, environmental impact and cultural preservation. Our focus is now on fashion accessories and decoration and kids products.

DOME stands for Design Objects Meet Ethics and it wants to be the answer to the need of a more conscious consumption in Portugal and Europe. We identified the difficulty of the consumer to access a ‘one-stop-shop’ where high quality products and beautiful are found and it’s origin is validated with ethical standards of social and/or environmental responsibility. At the same time, and knowing the production side, we identified the difficulty of brands to bring to life their name in this type of markets. We want to support brands that share the same values as us.

Dome is a project of Blindesign – Ethical Solutions, a social entrepreneurship consultancy company.
Our institutional address is:
Travessa dos Lagares n1
1100-022 Lisboa

Terms and Conditions

Check our Terms and Conditions of DOME here.