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Absolutely unique the CVR (Cooperative for Waste Recovery) bracelets are all different from each other. Made from handmade beads from ground glass, by 10 talented women, these bracelets are a response to Principe Island’s challenge regarding waste.

When buying a CVR product is supporting the economic and social development of Ilha do Príncipe and the entire community.




CVR or Cooperative for Waste Recovery is made up of 10 incredible women from the island of Principe (São Tomé) who carried forward a brilliant idea: turn the Island's waste into an opportunity for economic and social development. Anabela Pina (current president) was one of the women who went to Estrela Matilde, with the idea of recycling the waste of the island. "Our idea was to turn glass into the sand: we went to the Prince Trust (Foundation where Estrela is now the president) and we made a business plan". These women joined forces and got their hands on the double ambition to protect the biosphere and economically develop the island. How? From used glass they create and design beautiful handmade beads to create unique pieces of jewelry. This year, Estrela Matilde with CVR's project, won the 9th edition of Terre de Femmes Prize (aimed at projects that stand out in the environmental sector), promoted by the Yves Rocher Foundation. CVR products are available exclusively in DOME Ethical Store.


Handmade beads made of recycled glass, Fishing wire, Acrylic beads


As CVR products are handmade from recycled glass beads, they should be handled with extra care. Dropping maybe cause damage.


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