Soko is an eco-friendly jewellery project that is trying to redefine the principles of ethical fashion by not only creating beautiful products but also by supporting the artisans through a simple and innovative yet powerful technology platform. This is a “virtual factory” where through a tool all artisans already possess – a simple mobile phone – everyone in the process has access to the supply chain.

With Soko’s mobile tools, artisans have access to international markets, expanding therefore their business horizons and entrepreneurial prospects. The result is a big range of affordable, stylish jewellery that is ethically handmade in Kenya from sustainable materials.

Soko works with artisan entrepreneurs every day to build their businesses, production capacity, and sustainably increase income. Mainly working with artisans from Kenya, over 1300 artisans, Soko allows in some cases these entrepreneurs to increase their income in more than 4 times.

Curious to know how it works? check the video below.


Soko’s collections are inspired by architecture and traditional tribal designs, creating a strong yet minimal aesthetic that hints at the brand’s origins.
The brand believes that heritage practices can be employed sustainably and based on that has a beautiful range of products – necklaces, bangles and earrings – all handmade in Africa. The materials used by the artisans, when possible, are locally-sourced and eco-friendly, such as reclaimed cow horn* and recycled brass.



Soko’s motto, since founded in 2008 by Gwendolyn Floyd, Catherine Mahugu, and Ella Peinovich, is to “transform the fashion industry for good, one accessory at a time”. So far the 3 founders have been super successful, managing to raise over $1.4 million in funding, opening last year the first physical store in San Francisco and obviously supporting more and more artisans.

Soko products are available here.

*produce Soko products doesn’t not involve any animal cruelty

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