Did you ever wonder what the impact of the product you are buying is?
We always wanted to know!


That’s why we developed a set of symbols that illustrates the real impact of each products on people, culture and environment – our three key-areas.

While browsing it’s intuitive and simple to understand which type of impact you are facing. Just look for the symbols that illustrate purposes in our product pages.
We support and defend conscience shopping and buying at DOME is knowing exactly where and to whom are you making a difference.
Here are all the details.


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Products which care about the impact on nature. We defend the preservation of the planet and future generations: this is achieved through recycling, upcycling, giving priority to eco-friendly materials, sourcing local or betting in sustainable innovations which allow us to reduce waste, energy consumption or use new raw materials wisely.

  • Sustainable Innovation

    Products that through their innovative nature (production, process, material, solution) help to conserve resources, e.g. quantity of raw materials, waste, energy and water.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials

    Products from environmentally friendly materials such as renewable raw materials with low environmental impact throughout their life cycle or organically certified products.

  • Recycling & Upcycling Design

    Products whose raw materials are designed for recycling or that are processed into new products from used or no longer usable waste materials or by products.

  • Vegan

    Products which abstain from using any animal-based materials and/or ingredients. A vegan product is one that is most likely plant-based or utilizes a sustainable animal alternative (such as an environmentally friendly leather substitute). Vegan products are never tested on animals.

  • Local Production

    Product which origin of raw materials and production is reduced to a maximum distance of 200km.

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Products which promote the maintenance of local crafts. We support projects that preserve, maintain and protect the culture and through time and space keep these values alive. Culture connects the past, present, and future generations. Somehow some of the traditions, knowledge and techniques tend to be forgotten - it's time to change that.

  • Handmade

    Products that are handmade and that maintain and promote craft skills - this also means they are limited edition and one-of-a-kind.

  • Cultural Preservation

    Products which support a culture and its community through the conservation of a unique skill set that has been passed down through generations. Promotes cultural heritage through traditional craft techniques.

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