The wedding season is coming, for the bride and groom it has certainly already arrived.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the couple who are about to share their future? Are you looking to offer that special, different element, and that the bride and groom will always remember? Or is it the bride (or groom) who wants to surprise the better half?
Are you the one getting married, and the guests keep asking you about the wedding list? Are you still searching for a conscient store that follows the same ethical values that you stand for?

Yes? So DOME is the conscious and sustainable answer.

With products and brands from all over the world, at DOME Ethical Store you can find unique pieces of handcrafted production, useful and ethical products of high quality that carry the stories of local traditions and knowledge. The cherry on top is that when buying on our platform, you know exactly what kind of impact it is that you are having on the environmental, on people and in at the culture level.

Want to know how we selected the brands? See here the sustainability criteria.

Do you want to see an example? Bisarro, one of the Portuguese brands we have at DOME, is dedicated to a very specific mission – the maintenance and revitalisation of a unique ceramic technique in the world, the Black Pottery of Bisalhães (Olaria Negra de Bisalhães).

Declared a Unesco Heritage Site in 2016, the process of manufacturing the Olaria Negra de Bisalhães (Vila Real, Portugal) goes through the baking done by the potters in open kilns on the ground, where multiple natural materials are burnt, which are then muffled with earth. All this mixed with smoke, adds the black color to each piece.

Bisarro (which comes from the fusion of the words Barro (clay) and Bisalhães), besides reinventing tradition, guarantees the preservation of this unique and special technique through the creation and modernisation of products.

Brands with super well defined missions, like the Bisarro, that we offer in our online store. We have gathered a set of ethical brands, sustainable products and handcrafted techniques that, together with an excellent design, result in responsible consumption.

We are flexible, we have several solutions, ideas and good taste (we are quite modest!). We would love to hear your suggestions!

Photo Credits: DOME + @bubblesessions @nimagens @bocadolobocoletivo @ritacostumista