Ana Teresa Neves is the person in charge of the Teresa Gameiro brand. The dream of pursuing the cultural heritage traditional from her region allowed Teresa to start the brand with her name. Let’s get to know a little better how this whole story started.

Originally from Leiria, Teresa has always been in contact with her talented grandmothers – crochets, pillows made with reused pieces of cloth or even products swed with flour bags strings. Nonetheless was after taking the course of Modeling of Clothing in Lisbon and after her traineeship in the brand Barena Venezia (Italy), that something (maybe everything) changed in Teresa.

After that experience, it all began to make sense for Teresa. For her the way was to start exploring the textile history of the region which she is originally from, to contribute to its continuity and to reuse waste fabrics coming from the textile industry. When she returned from Venice, the designer returned to the city where she used to live, Fatima, and began to trace the first steps of Teresa Gameiro brand.

Some detailed research after, and in 2103 Teresa created the first bags, mixing cloth made up of scraps of cotton fabric, skin and a lot of talent from local weavers. As tradition says, the products are made in manual looms with pure cotton web. After the suitcases, Teresa and the group adventured recently into home decor products such as towels, cushions, table runners and rugs.

By using the waste materials from textile companies and by working with local weavers, Teresa Gameiro’s values the region know-how and allows the knowledge to pass through generations. And above all this sustainable, ecological products of great elegance and quality are a real representation of tradition, heritage and new endless possibilities.

Teresa Gameiro wants to awaken a more conscious and people-to-pleople type of consumption through beautiful objects that translate and reflect techniques and knowledges uniques in the country. In addition, it supports and promotes local textile production and job creation.

We couldn’t be more aligned with the boldness and vision of Teresa. For us, here at DOME, to be part of this story of overcoming and reinvention that Teresa Gameiro represents is a privilege and an inspiration. And as such, in the month in which we declared ourselves to all the women we admire, Teresa and the group of weavers who support her, could not be left out.

This is our statement to all the women who are part of the change and are themselves the change.

If you want to know the products available at DOME of the brand that unites the weaving traditions with recycling waste textile, see here.

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