WomenCraft works with rural Tanzanian and Burundian women to become contributing members of a successful fair-trade enterprise, therefore the products handcrafted by these artisans are bought and sold according to these international practices.

When in 2007 the social enterprise began operations in Ngara, Tanzania, as an Implementing Partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) it was in response to the lack of income generating opportunities for women, in a post-conflict region. Most people were subsistence farmers, prior to WomenCraft creation, now artisans can hire laborers to farm their fields, which improves their crop yield and develops the local economy. Working for the projects also gives them time to weave and take care of their families.

After more than 10 years of impact, WomenCraft estimates that artisans have directly earned more than $100,000 from product sales and by earning their own income. Nonetheless they have earned also an unquantified amount of business skills and new sense of independence. WomenCraft have impacted not only the artisans but the whole community, locally and internationally.

WomenCraft is committed to sustainable social and economic change while preserving the natural environment, their products mirrors that.

Beautiful, functional and durable, WomenCraft’s products express the artisans’ talent and the tri-border region’s culture, traditions and history. Handmade with natural, indigenous materials, artisans weave sustainable fibers and vibrant Tanzanian textiles to create all-purpose products that add an exotic touch to any space.

With over 300 artisans, weaving exclusively for the brand, WomenCraft operates in 17 villages, with 24 different women’s groups, with a coverage area of 60km. And there is so much more to be done, these numbers continue to grow.

By purchasing WomenCraft products we all are participating in something bigger than us. The products of the brand are available here.

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